TANA Dealer Conference & Roadshow 2017


The 2017 annual TANA dealer’s conference was held in Madrid, Spain from the 11th – 14th May. Managing Director, Kieron Geoghegan and Technical Expert & After Sales Director Rainer Schmidt attended the conference on behalf of the Egelquip team and as the South African representatives along with the rest of the TANA dealers from around the world.

The convention proved to be a great success and hugely informative.  Three equipment demonstrations took place in order to showcase the efficiency and the technological advancement of the distinctive and reliable Finnish brand.

The first demonstration exhibited the power and productivity of the new TANA E-Series landfill compactors where the full might of the machine was proven beyond doubt once again. The unit was shown operating on an active landfill cell where the results were immediately visible.

A second demonstration illustrating the smart and dependable TANA TE Disc Screen on tracks working in sync with the impressive TANA 6 Deco Drum Screen on a compost plant provided all the evidence of the ingenuity and uniqueness of the TANA brand.

Last but not least, the TANA Shark Shredder – the most versatile piece  of shredding equipment on the market – impressed all it’s spectators by  signifying it’s value as a robust, simple and multi-purpose waste shredder. The demonstration involved the shredding of numerous waste materials ranging from furniture and mattresses, to waste wood, to tyres and plastics. The wide variety of materials the TANA Shark can shred provides endless opportunities within the recycling, waste and energy recovery industries.

Overall a fantastic experience for Egelquip. Having over 80 years of experience within the industry present at the TANA Dealer Conference & Roadshow 2017, Egelquip is more confident than ever that the TANA market-share will increase dramatically within the Sub-Saharan African region due to the need for a durable and tough brand of equipment suitable for African working conditions.