Jürgen Stehr

Over thirty-three years ago Jurgen Stehr decided to open up his own business. Jürgen Stehr looked to always pushing the boundaries of new product concepts which allowed him to always stay ahead of the curve in terms of technological innovations. He is famously known for designing compaction plates which can be attached to any machine ranging from Front End Loaders to tractors. With the hunger to drive innovation Jürgen Stehr years later designed the tow behind soil stabilizer with the latest technology soil stabilizing and dust proofing meeting all European standards.

Other innovative products included under the Stehr product offering are compaction wheels, binder spreader with cell-wheel technology and self-cleaning rotary vane feeder, manhole cutters and trench cutter with various width with the ability to lay down cables at the same time. The latest product launched by Stehr is a mini grader which has fantastic performance capabilities considering its size. Showing how Stehr is still making technological advances in the construction industry.

Soil Stabilization

Jürgen Stehr designed and built a soil stabilizer as a complete and affordable alternative to self-propelled milling in conjunction with a tractor. Mix-in-Place stabilization with lime or cement turns soil and dirt into a high-quality compaction capable material. Stehr’s soil stabilization is the only bolt-on-machine available anywhere in the world that can adjust the milling rotor in depth completely within the enclosed house.

Plate Compactor

Plate compactor was one of the first Stehr products designed and manufactured by Jürgen Stehr. Plate compactors aren’t only used on flat surfaces but on banquette as well. They range from 1-4 plates in a row. The compaction plates come in difference sizes with difference force capabilities.

Attachment Grader

The Tow Behind Grader is an attachable grader which is attached to trackers and can be used in many applications in different industries. Including the civil, agriculture, side walk, forestry and banquette. Simple to attach, detach and transport for clients ease of use.

Universal Laser Mini Grader

Stehr mini-grader is one of a kind grader. The machine is equipped not only with four-wheel drive with low center of gravity providing optimum stability but also with four-wheel steering. Front-hydraulic quick coupler (parallel motion); Patented articulated plate (adjustable from 1400 1800 mm to mm); Overall Width, front shield 1400 mm; both shields made of highly wear-resistant steel (Hardox 450) with interchangeable, adjustable cutting; 8 double acting functions proportional controlled via Joy Stick adaptation.

Trench Cutter

The trench cutter is a versatile piece of equipment that is used for cutting trenches. Ranging in sizes from 100mm to 350mm with a depth of up to 1.3m. The trench cutter can be used in new construction projects or already existing infrastructure for cutting trenches. Attachments to lay down fibre optic cables and pipping Cable Feeder is an additional option which is attached to the trench Cutter which lays down cable as the trench is being cut. Significantly decreasing the lay down time required to lay cables and pipes.