ALLU attachments are design to operate in demanding environments on demanding materials , so you can transform the way you work. For over 30 years our attachments have been known for their quality and reliability.

With the widest range of screening buckets and screener crushers on the market, the Transformer range will fit almost any base machine size. Starting from our most compact ALLU DL Series, to the huge ALLU M Series which will fit up to 160Tn (154.4 US Tn), these are attachments which can screen and crush materials from 15 mm (0.59”) to 150 mm (5.9”) fragments. Making them ideal for many applications.

DL Series

ALLU Transformer DL are screening buckets for compact base machines and are suitable for excavators max. 12Tn (11.8 US Tn), loaders 8Tn (7.8 US Tn), tractors and backhoe loaders.

D Series

Allu Transformer D are reliable screening buckets for a variety of screening and crushing projects. Whilst their versatility sets them apart, they share the DL-series’ use of our innovative fine-screening TS® drum construction with standard blades.

TS Structure

ALLU TS structure enables two different fragment sizes from the same unit. Fragment size estimation is based on the distance set by the screening comb.

M Series

The ALLU Transformer M-series is a range of multi-faceted tools for mining and other industries and applications. Powered by the carrier, these hydraulic attachments help with quick and efficient production techniques, solve chute blockages and other material flow problems, and transport frozen or saturated material heaps.

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