Tana Equipment

A Finnish Brand trusted as one of the leading manufacturers of waste technology in the world. EgelQuip offers a variety of equipment including:

Landfill Compactor


Landfill compaction study, 2015 – TANA E520 compaction unit vs. Caterpillar 4-Wheeler

Landfill compaction test, 2015 – TANA E520 compaction unit vs. Bomag 1172-BC compaction unit.

Shark Waste Shredders

The TANA Shark Waste Shredder is a versatile recycling asset designed for shredding a wide range of material customized to suit our clients needs. The Shark Shredder can shred a wide variety of materials, such as tyres, commercial & industrial waste, construction & demolition waste, solid recovered fuel, plastics, municipal solid waste, waste wood, household waste, mattresses and furniture, paper and other special materials.

  • The Tana Control System (TCS) monitors and controls the machine function with 12 pre-programmed shredding settings.
  • Tana Shark has inbuilt smart features called Tana Protrack. It enables internet access and real time view to the machine.
  • The shredder weighs the material in real time and this information is transferred to the Tana Protrack.
  • Ability to shred Tyres, Municipal Solid Waste, Construction & Demolition, Mattresses, Green Waste and more.

Smart Drum Screen


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