Egelquip | Rock Tipper 3 Axle “Africa Spec”
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Rock Tipper Axle 3 AXLE “Africa Spec”

The rock tipper is made from Hardox material 12 Ton Load On Axel


  • Damper body is produced from durable steel plate against 450 HB wears and impacts.
  • Adjustable springs on end cover are connected on the upper side; they can be opened and closed from bottom.
  • Body includes strengthened rack on the bottom.
  • There are plastic mallets to prevent wearing and noise on the points that contact with rack.


  • Damper movement is provided by level 5 heavy telescopic cylinder which provides 45o tilt angle. (LIFT COLD DRAW SEAMLESS PIPE).
  • Oil reservoir has suction filter, damper pneumatic remote, two speed lowering valve and a limit control security.
  • Oil tank must be added to trailer, hydraulic contact between trailer and conveyor, is provided by 2 sockets.

Axle Shaft

  • 3 axle shafts with the capacity of 12 tons, are used.
  • There are brake shoes and heavy brake levers suitable for TSE norms.

Electrical Equipment

It is suitable for SAE standards and Tüv regulations

Brake Equipment

71/320/ewg ff brake system according to EC standards.


Steel king-pin which is 2” according to DIN 74080 standards and 3½” 42CRMO4 according to DIN 74083 standards are used.


Two speed, telescopic, mechanical conveyor legs, with the capacity of 24 tons.