Egelquip | Flat Bed With Drop Sides
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Flat Bed With Drop Sides


  • Flat base on the front in 9.000 mm-13.600 mm sizes, also it is 2,440 mm long inside and 2550 mm long outside.
  • Platform has 4 or 5 caps and they had been installed on the rack.
  • Caps are connected to each other externally; they are 800-900 mm high.
  • Floor will be covered with one row of plate and one row of wood.
  • Periodically placed “Z” axle beams exist in the floor.

Axle Shaft

  • 3 axle shafts with the capacity of 12 tons, are used.
  • There are brake shoes and heavy brake levers suitable for TSE norms.

Electrical Equipment

  • It is suitable for SAE standards and Tüv regulations.
  • Electricity is provided by 7 pin plug from vehicle.
  • There are necessary traffic advisory and stoplights on both sides.
  • There are back lights, brake lights, license plate lamps, trailer reflectors and orange coloured warning lights on the sides.

Brake Equipment

71/320/ewg ff brake system according to EC standards


Steel king-pin which is 2” according to DIN 74080 standards and 3½” 42 CRMO4 according to DIN 74083 standards are used.