Egelquip | 40,000L Tanker
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40,000L Tanker


  • It is manufactured in volumes of 28.000-55.000lt according to request.
  • Length 10.000 mm-13.000 mm
  • Width 2550 mm
  • 2-3-4-5-6 cell dividers
  • Our tankers are ellipse, round, double “D”, bottle type shaped
  • 4 mm St 37 plate is used on tanker body
  • Diesel discharging pump
  • 500l per minute
  • 2 spare wheels
  • Standard colour tanker white (can change on request) Chassis Grey
  • 4 compartments, can enter each compartment through individual man holes


Tank body and rear brow steels with 50 mm or 100 mm or 150 mm rock wool insulation. After the insulation, on insulation area will be covered 1.2 mm ST 37.2 quality steel and then epoxy paint with final painting. 2 units 50 mm diameter or 100 mm diameter, round shape flame steel pipes will be mounted inside of tanker, these pipes will be exist to rear dishes to outside.

Loading and Unloading System

Proofed and sealed manhole cap for every cell divider. 3” in diameter pipes that connects every cell divider to valve box Independent natural unloading system with 3” in diameter spherical valves.